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Columbus Coyotes

Sponsor A Coyote

Sponsor A Coyote

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Support the Columbus Coyotes Rugby Football Club: Make a Direct Impact with "Sponsor A Coyote"

When you choose to support the Columbus Coyotes Rugby Football Club, you're not just contributing to a team; you're lifting up individuals, offering them the opportunity to chase their passion for rugby without financial hurdles. Our "Sponsor A Coyote" program is designed to directly assist Coyotes who need financial aid, ensuring everyone gets a fair chance to play, grow, and excel. Here's how your donation specifically helps through this program:

Your generosity directly supports our Coyotes in need, covering essential costs to participate fully in the sport they love. This includes:

  • Rugger Dues: $75 per season, with a reduced rate of $50 for rookies.
  • CIPP Registration: USA Rugby Registration and Insurance, a crucial requirement, costing around $90.
  • Uniform Essentials: Ensuring every Coyote has the necessary gear, with shorts and socks costing about $50.

Supporting our athletes through the "Sponsor A Coyote" program means breaking down financial barriers that might prevent talented, passionate individuals from participating in rugby. Your contribution goes a long way in fostering an inclusive, supportive environment where every Coyote has the chance to shine.

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