Practice Info

All levels of experience welcome

Practices start for the 2024 Spring Season on Saturday, March 2 @ 11:00am. This is Rugby 101

Practice is Tuesday / Thursday from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

The pitch is located here.

What to bring?

Mouthguard - A strapless mouthguard. Top half only.
Clothing -
Weather appropriate clothing suitable for physical activity and contact. 
Water/Food -
Be sure to hydrate leading up to and following each practice. Keep an energy/protein bar in your bag to ensure you have a healthy snack before practice.
Boots/Cleats -
Rugby boots, soccer cleats, and in many cases football cleats can be worn for rugby.
Towel/Trash Bag -
Rugby is played in all weather conditions, these are great to have on hand if it's wet.