Columbus Coyotes

The Columbus Coyotes Rugby Football Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to fighting homophobia and stereotypes in contact sports through rugby.

Coyotes are native to Columbus, Ohio. Like many LGBT youth, coyotes are often solitary animals left to fend for themselves. The club took on the plural form of Coyotes as a representation of LGBT men, often stereotyped as weak and physically incapable, coming together in brotherhood to support each other, fight for each other on the rugby pitch, and prove that members of the LGBT community can be just as physically capable and dominant as any other person.

The rugby ball at the top right of the shield represents that, while our mission is bigger than sports, we chose the sport of rugby as our means to fight homophobia and stereotypes.

The CCRFC logo is in the shape of a shield, common among rugby teams across the world and across history. The shield brotherhood and strength through unity. Rugby is one of the most team oriented contact sports, and taking the pitch together is often compared to going to battle with your teammates. The shield also represents a family crest, showing that the Columbus Coyotes aren’t just a rugby team, but a family and a brotherhood fighting for each other and for our mission.

The Three Cs
The three stripes represent the three C’s of the Columbus Coyotes: Columbus, Community, and Competition. The three Cs are how the Columbus Coyotes work toward accomplishing their mission of ending homophobia and stereotypes in contact sports.

The Columbus Coyotes work hard to represent the City of Columbus on a regional, national, and international level as a community dedicated to LGBT rights, activism, and support.

The Columbus Coyotes work hard to build community both within and without the organization, supporting other local charities and building a network of support for players and supporters alike.

The Columbus Coyotes work hard to perform competitively in all levels of play by pushing each other to continue progressing and working toward an even better product on the pitch.